Sandra Mayo


The Stories that Shape Us: Karine Kadiyska and Sandra Mayo


Running from February 24, 2017 to April 2, 2017 in the Holzwasser Gallery, New Art Center.

NAC faculty member Karine Kadiyska and NAC student Sandra Mayo look inward and to the past to explore identity through quiet and expansive figurative works. For Kadiyska, the figure is ephemeral, moving from presence to absence in surreal sculptures and installation pieces that contemplate the inner self and the soul. Mayo explores her connection to the past through monoprints and collages from her “genogram” series that use a system of symbols to describe and expand upon familial connections and her place within the larger pattern of family history.

Join Sandra Mayo on March 4 at 1pm for a hands-on Genogram workshop. Genograms are pictorial family trees used in medicine, psychiatry, and social work, which, through a system of marks and symbols, illustrate hereditary patterns and provide insightinto the character of individual relationships. Each genogram has its own pattern built upon the deepest and most basic human relationships. For Adults and Teens, GR 7-12. 

New Art Center, Holzwasser Gallery

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